Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy

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Institute of Economics and management in agribusiness



Prof. Ludmila I. Khoruzhii

Head of Institute

Dr. of Sc. (Economics)


Tel: 7 499 976 12 50

Postal address:
Listvennichnaya alley, 4
127550 Moscow

 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Institute of Economics and Management of the Agro—Industrial Complex is the leader of agro-economic education in Russia. The Institute offers unique academic programs for training specialists for the modern economy, based on the heritage and traditions of the scientific school of Timiryazev economists.

The Institute of Economics and Management of the Agro-Industrial Complex conducts multi-level training of highly qualified managers and specialists in the field of economics, management, economic security, applied informatics and information systems both for the agro-industrial complex and to meet the personnel needs of the development of the digital economy of the country and abroad.

Bachelor's, Specialist, Master's, Candidate and Doctor of Science training programs are being implemented. The teaching staff of the Institute consists of highly qualified specialists, scientists who have become outstanding teachers and have created their own scientific schools.

Departments of the Institute:

  • Dep. of Bookkeeping and Tax Assessment
  • Dep. of Higher Mathematics
  • Dep. of State and Municipal Management and Tourism
  • Dep. of Foreign and Russian languages
  • Dep. of History
  • Dep. of World Economy and Marketing
  • Dep. of Production Organization
  • Dep. of Pedagogy and Psychology of Professional Education
  • Dep. of Political Economy
  • Dep. of Law Science
  • Dep. of Applied Information Science
  • Dep. of Public Relations and Speech Communication
  • Dep. of Statistics and Cybernetics
  • Dep. of Management
  • Dep. of Philosophy
  • Dep. of Finance
  • Dep. of Economy
  • Dep. of Economic safety, Analysis and Audit

B.Sc. programs

M.Sc. programs

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